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"Who the F@#& is my D&D Character?" by Brad Nelms

Brad Nelms

Terrible Minds put out a flash fiction challenge to write a story based on the Who the fuck is my D&D character site. If you are unaware of what that is, you load up the site and it generates a race, class, and short background of a character you can use for a D&D campaign. It is really fun, so follow the link and give it a try. Here is what I got.

"Proud half-orc warlock from a village with no tavern who doesn't believe in magic, ever"

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"There is Something Wrong with Mrs. McCreedy" by Brad Nelms

Brad Nelms

"I think there is something seriously wrong with Mrs. McCreedy," Tommy whispered.

Tabby turned and leaned to her left to answer him. Something caught her eye as she did. Snapping her jaw shut, she faced the blackboard. The baleful, bulging eyes of Mrs. McCreedy were fixed on the pair that sat in the back of the classroom. Her yellowed, porcelain teeth ground as she glared down at the children. Silence pressed

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